Based in the northeast Tel Aviv suburb of Kfar Saba, Zeadim has been providing state-of-the-art dance learning and activities to the community for the past 30 years. Our program of study, which closely accompanies the student from early childhood to young adulthood, embraces a highly professional, value (value)-focused, pedagogical approach to dance education. Over the course of the program, our students acquire the fundamentals of dance, spanning a variety of modern dance techniques, classical ballet, and creative and expressive skills. 

Zeadim's students are regularly exposed - as part of the curriculum - to music in its many forms, including percussion instruments, and to various performing arts, such as theater, circus arts, tap dance, and body drumming - all of which create an interesting and diverse individual and social experience while enriching the student's knowledge.

The school hires Israel's top dance educators, who are an active part of Israel's cultural scene and highly knowledgeable in the latest developments in their specialty areas. Our teachers are selected with meticulous attention to their teaching abilities and professionalism, as well as their compatibility with the spirit of the school.

Our Educational Vision

Zeadim's students develop a self-reflecting awareness through movement, dance, voice, and rhythm, as well as the use of props and their foray into the theater and circus arts. These focus areas help our students explore their identity in a highly enjoyable way, as they deepen their grasp of contemporary dance and its ever-renewing language. 

At Zeadim, we see dance as an educational tool in addition to a professional art. We use dance to instill in each student a positive self-image and core values of self-discipline, practice, and confidence, as well as stage skills and, no less important, the cultivation of creative, original, and independent thought.

We aspire to enable every student to grow through exploration and creativity, to perfect their skills, and to become intelligent consumers of culture. We go to great lengths to keep our students up-to-date on the Israeli and world dance scene. Our graduates have been accepted into professional dance and theater arts groups in Israel and abroad.

Our teaching staff has an exceptionally high level of cooperation with the school's management - a fact that contributes to the dynamic learning environment and special atmosphere, and serves as a catalyst to many of the rich dance opportunities afforded our students.

Program of study

The program of study, which is based on a progressive developmental approach, is divided into three age groups: Preschool, Children, and Teens. The material and skills covered by each group are age-appropriate and follow a progressive path according to the group's needs. For the past 10 years, the school has also held an active dance program for women, with a unique character of its own.

Zeadim Dance Ensembles

Zeadim has a corresponding performing dance ensemble for each age group: Junior Ensemble, Youth Ensemble, and Senior Ensemble. Participation in an ensemble triggers a creative and exploratory process for the individual, who learns the fundamentals of performance under the tutelage of our diverse teaching professionals, themselves performers. Each year, the ensembles work on fresh and original concepts that create an intriguing, multi-sensory visual impression.

Collaboration and Partnership

The school invites leading Israeli creative artists in their fields to develop original works for our students. Choreographers and companies that have partnered with us in the past include: Batsheva Dance Company, Sharon Eyal, Renana Raz, Talia Paz, Jasmine Gowder, Inbal Pinto, Barak Marshall, Dance Factory - South Africa, and the Vertigo Dance Company. 

Zeadim has collaborative interdisciplinary relationships with many performing groups that are leaders in their fields, including the Moran Choir and Pangea Circus, as well as composers, symphony and chamber orchestras, and visual artists and designers. The school takes part in special performances in prominent cultural venues throughout Israel, including: Tel Aviv Museum, Rishon LeZion Cultural Center, Herzliya Performing Arts Center, and Haifa's cultural centers.

Master Classes and Interaction with Choreographers and Creative Artists

Zeadim places great importance on enrichment beyond the regular curriculum. As part of the enrichment program, our students participate in workshops and master classes, and observe dance performances under the guidance of our teaching staff.

The school carries out these activities with the participation of dancers, choreographers and creative artists from professional dance ensembles from Israel and abroad. In recent years, the school has hosted first-class international dance instructors, among them Ms. Nancy Turano, of New York, Mr. Bradley Shelver, of New York, Ms. Ana Presta, of Germany, and Ms. Dada Masilo, of South Africa.


Zeadim is a founder of the educational-cultural initiative "Dancemotion" - the only program of its kind in the country. The initiative, established with the goal of promoting dance education in Israel, enables the school's students to meet performing and creative artists from all over, including those of international caliber.

Summer Dance Pro/ Summer Dance

Zeadim offers a summer dance course for different ages during the long school vacation. The program is multi-genre and multi-interdisciplinary, aimed at enrichment and expanding the students' experiential boundaries beyond the topics studied during the year. The summer course places emphasis on workshops, experimentation, and new artistic and pedagogical approaches. The summer program is also open to students who are not enrolled in Zeadim during the school year.

Contact Us:

Zeadim Dance School

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Tel: 972-9-7661001

Email: Zeadim@gmail.com



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